Instructions & Warnings

Instructions for use and warnings
Machine wash (hot) and machine dry (high heat) prior to first wear. Routinely wash depending on frequency of use. Use of this mask is intended to be in addition to and not a substitute for all other measures that are recommended for the prevention of communicable diseases. If you are unsure, please consult your physician before wearing. The material used for your mask is not of a medical grade material.

● These masks are NOT intended to provide liquid barrier protection.
● This mask is not for use in a surgical setting or where significant exposure to
liquid, bodily or other hazardous fluids may be present.
● It is not a surgical device or a respirator and should not be used as a substitute
for either of these devices.
● In addition, this mask is not for use in a clinical setting where the infection risk
level through inhalation exposure is high.
● Not for use in the presence of a flammable gas or high intensity heat.
● Do not microwave. Do not put it in the oven.

Once secured, do not touch your face or the mask in order to adjust the fit. Any hand contact with your face or the mask itself once put on, can increase your risk of contracting or communicating an infectious disease.
The guidelines are published on the FDA website found at:
Click here for FDA web site